grange coffee house Tuesday and thursday 9 to noon
closed week before christmas to the new year

Winter Farmers' market at norfield grange saturdays 10 to 2
closed Christmas and new years eve
Norfield Grange 146   
12 Goodhill Road  Weston, CT 06883    (203) 226-8233 

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Granger Vivian Simons Joins the Winter Market
The farm is only a mile from the Grange, can't get more local than that.

Rest in Peace Mrs Claus  AKA Sue Sulla
1914 - 2013

Norfield Grange No 146 of Weston, Connecticut takes great pleasure in announcing its forty third Annual Agricultural Fair and Exhibit to be held on Grange Property, 12 Good Hill Road, Weston, Connecticut on Sunday, September 8, 2013, between the hours of 10:00am- 3:00pm. 

Grange General Fair Rules

  1. All are invited and welcome to exhibit; Grange membership and/or Weston residency is not required.
  2. Every precaution will be taken for the protection of property of all others while on the Fair Grounds; however the Norfield Grange will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to property of any exhibitors or attendees.
  3. All exhibits for competition must be in place by 9:30am Sunday, September 8, 2013. Judging is to commence at 9:30am.  Exhibits can be removed at 3:00pm, but must be removed by 4:00pm or will become Grange property.
  4. An entry fee of $1.00 for each exhibit entered is required and must be submitted with the Entry application.  Entries will be accepted on Saturday Sept. 7th, 9am - 12 pm and Sunday Sept 8th, 8am – 9:30am.
  5. All entries must be the property of the exhibitor and made or grown by the exhibitor during the preceding twelve months.
  6. No more than one entry in any one class made by an individual exhibitor.
  7. No person shall be a judge in any department or class in which he/she may be and exhibitor.
  8. Decisions of the judges are final. No person shall interfere with the judges while in the discharge of their duties. There will be no admittance to Exhibit area during judging.
  9. No entry in any department shall receive a best in show ribbon unless deemed worthy by the Judge.
  10. Vendor applications must be received by Friday, September 6, 2013 along with $25.00 to Norfield Grange, 12 Good Hill Road, Weston CT 06883.




1. Painting
2. Drawing
3. Other
Department B

4. People
5. Animals
6. Other
Department C

7. Crafts
8. Collections
Department D

9. Breads
10. Cakes
11. Cupcakes - Best Decorated Cupcake!
12. Muffins
13. Pies
14. Brownies
15. Cookies
16. Candy Department
Department E

17. Jams or Jellies
18. Relishes or Salsas
19. Fruits
20. Pickles
Department F

21. Root Vegetables
22. Vine Vegetables
23. Beans
24. Peas
25. Tomatoes - Best Tomato in CT!!
Department G

26. Growing Herb
27. 3 Flowers
28. Centerpiece
29. Flowering Plant in Pot
30. Non-Flowering Plant in Pot
31. Wild Flower Arrangement
32. Cut Flower Arrangement
Department H

33. Chicken Eggs
34. Other Eggs
Department I

35. Clothing
36. Quilts
37. Knitting
38. Crocheting
39. Embroidery
40. Needlepoint (6 x 8 or smaller)
41. Counted Cross Stich
Department J

HOMEMADE SPIRITS ---  Best "Hooch" in CT!!

42. Beer
43. Wine
44. Cider
45. Other

Special prizes awarded for Tomato, Cupcake and Hooch!

Saturday was the last farmers' market until fall.
contact us if you want to find where our venders are for
the summer markets.

lyn receives a basket of thanks from the farmers' market

the first new kid to the market that's not a goat!
The newest Daffodil

amie guyette hall builds a square foot garden at the grange.
we hope to add more every year!
for more information -

Lunch at the farmers' Market

Fresh maine Lobster
Tom will be in naugatuck on fridays this summer if you need your seafood fix.

Kentucky Derby Party

Great food featuring Lenny's Coal Fired Pizza Truck and three kinds of Mint chocolate, pineapple and spearmint) courtesy of Daffodil Hill Growers both vendors at the Famers' Market.

The Kentucky Derby Raffle Winners, left to right): Win (1st Place) - Susan Moch, Show (3rd Place) - Torrey & Marcia Brooks, Place (2nd) - Bob Tartaglia and Roland Poirier.

The Weston Newcomers & Neighbors Club and The Norfield Grange joined forces to have double the fun for the 138th Running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, 5/5.
Hat Contest Winner - Alessandra Muller

Patricia Gay and Stephen Saxton of the Weston Forum cooking Patty's famous grilled cheese for the Farmer's Market

Tom Studwell's memorial service will be Thursday, April 26th, 11am at Norfield Church. A reception will follow in the parish hall. Visiting hours at Bouton Funeral Home, Georgetown, Wednesday, April 25th 4-7pm.

 93 years young
Norfield Grange mourns the passing of
Tom Studwell

WWII veteran fought at the battle of the bulge proudly marching in the memorial day parade

Join the Party April 22 from 11 – 2

The Nature Conservancy in conjunction with American Wanderer, C&NN and The Norfield Grange host Earth Day 2012 Sunday April 22 at the Katherine Ordway Preserve, 165 Good Hill Rd. Weston, CT. Join us and set a World Record for the largest multi-venue picnic in a 24-hour period! The Earth is an amazing planet, so let's take it out for lunch! Pack a picnic and join us for some outdoor fun, hike the trails, play badminton, frisbee or just enjoy the fresh air.

Picnic for the Planet is connecting people around the world through the food they love. American Wanderer connects kids with the National Parks and their surroundings, opening their eyes to the wonders all around. Let’s G.O.! is a youth-inspired, youth-led Children & Nature Network initiative that encourages intergenerational groups of people to get outside together to be active, have fun, and connect with nature. This year, we’ll take another giant step toward creating healthy communities! Participate and spread the word! The Norfield Grange, American Values, Hometown Roots, supports local agriculture, business, community service and family values since 1896.

The Nature Conservancy launched Picnic for the Planet in 2011 to nurture people's connection to the planet and the food it provides. Last year’s Picnic was a great success with thousands of people joining more than 600 picnics in 61 countries on all seven continents.

For more information call 203-226-8233 or visit our Events page:

The Westport News
Baby goats make 'winter' market a spring fling

Published 02:55 p.m., Saturday, March 17, 2012

Norfield Grange rolled out the greens -- and a couple of goats -- as St. Patrick's Day features Saturday at the Weston Winter Farmer Market. Other fare included natural foods, apparel and other artisanal products.

The weekly market, housed in the grange at 12 Good Hill Road in Weston, has been held every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. since November and will run through June 9. It's conducted annually rain, shine or snow and typically hosts 20 to 25 vendors -- farmers, specialty food producers, artisans and crafters.

To enliven the market for the Irish holiday, Butterfield Farm Co. brought two young goats, Ada Oklahoma and Cabo, for children to pet and feed.

"We're regular vendors here," said Butterfield Farm co-owner Tara Bryson, "and today we're just having some fun educating the community about goats. People get to meet the animals that produce the goods at the farm. We make all goat-milk-based products including cheese, yogurt and bath and body items. Goat milk products have been shown to have many health benefits."

Butterfield's inventory is a good fit with other vendors' goods, said Lyn Kimberly, market master and a Norfield Grange officer. "Everything is handmade, homemade or homegrown."

As the gray morning skies cleared and the day grew warmer, visitors wandered from table to table, set out on the grass and inside. Lilting Irish music played from a sound system and the aromas from bubbling soup, soda bread, seafood and garden greens mingled in the air making this "winter" market a true spring fling.

Luke Lerner, 9, of Weston, holds Ada Oklahoma at Norfield Grange's Winter Farmers Market on Saturday. Photo: Mike Lauterborn / Westport News contributed

Tara Bryson, co-owner of the Butterfield Farm Co., with goats Ada Oklahoma and Cabo, on Saturday at the Norfield Grange in Weston. Photo: Mike Lauterborn / Westport News contributed

Anna Kimberly with a baby goat, Ada Oklahoma, from Butterfield Farm of East Granby on Saturday at Norfield Grange's Winter Farmers Market. Photo: Mike Lauterborn / Westport News contributed

Lolly Turner of Whistle Stop Bakery in Ridgefield offered soda bread, Irish whiskey coffee cake and other baked treats Saturday at the Norfield Grange market. Photo: Mike Lauterborn / Westport News contributed

Angelo and Michline Fiordelisi buygreens from Gazy Brothers of Oxford, a vendor at Norfield Grange's Winter Farmers Market on Saturday. Photo: Mike Lauterborn / Westport News contributed

Green caps, appropriate for St. Patrick's Day, on display by Beads & Candles of Weston at Norfield Grange's Winter Farmers Market. Photo: Mike Lauterborn / Westport News contributed